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HIA Funeral Cost Coverage Program

A Part of HIA Funeral Services

كُلُّ نَفْسٍ ذَآئِقَةُ الْمَوْتِ 

(Every soul shall taste Death)

HIA is pleased to add another great service for the residents of Halton Region and Waterdown. Like all other products and services, the cost of funerals has been escalating every year by about 10%. Currently the cost of burial in Burlington is around 10K.

The purpose of this service is to relieve our brothers and sisters from the burden of excessive funeral costs and to share their sorrow in time of need.

All the members will contribute an equal amount to share the total cost of the burial to give financial support to our families In Sha Allah.

This small contribution from all the members will serve as Sadaqah Jariyah In Sha Allah.Please fill out the form and become the member of this good deed:

Terms and Conditions

  1. Please see below the policies and the guidelines for the funeral cost coverage program.


  1. All Adult Muslims living in Halton region/Waterdown and their spouses, their unmarried children and their parents are eligible to register as a member.
  2. Any person submitting Membership Application for his/her parents or Mother/Father in-law must have their own membership first.
  3. Either a husband or wife can submit one form as a principal member for the rest of the family members.
  4. Parents of the Principal Applicant and the Spouse will have to fill their own forms to qualify for the service.
  5. Membership is not transferable.
  6. HIA will start this service once we get 200 principal members.
  7. The funeral cost coverage program is only for the residents of Halton Region and Waterdown, however, the parents/children living in Halton Region can submit a separate application for their parents/children living in any other city in the GTA.
  8. Full service will be provided to the residents of Burlington, Waterdown and Oakville only.
  9. Full Service: HIA will make all the arrangements for buying the Grave, Ghusal arrangements, Salatul Janazah and the burial in Burlington.
  10. Full cost coverage will be provided to the members living outside Burlington, Watertown and Oakville. HIA will cover all the financial expenses, but the members have to make all the funeral arrangements with the local Masjid and the cemetery. The maximum reimbursement amount will be $10,000 including the cost of the plot, interment fee and the Masjid fee.
  11. The activation date will be after 90 days from the date the application is received to cover the cost of the funeral.
  12. Members should check and read emails/WhatsApp messages from the admin / funeral committee to make sure that they have enough funds available in their account to cover the expenses shared in the event of death of any member.
  13. HIA will pay the funeral expenses and later on all the expenses will be divided equally among all the members. The share of each principal member will then be withdrawn from his/her account as a donation/ contribution ( تبرع).
  14. All the funeral arrangements will be made under the guidelines of Muslim Faith – Sunni.
  15. If any children get married, please submit a new application for the married child as a Principal Member as soon as possible. He or She will no longer be eligible to avail the benefit of funeral / burial financial support and services until we receive a new form.
  16. There is a one-time $100.00 non refundable registration fee to become a member. No tax receipt will be issued for the registration fee.
  17. All the funds withdrawn from the member’s account will be deposited in the HIA account.
  18. HIA will make all the payments directly to the cemetery, funeral home and the Masjid.
  19. The lifetime registration fee will be withdrawn from the bank account directly through the VOID cheque / Direct Deposit Form.
  20. In the event of any change in the Mail, Email, Phone number and Bank Account, please update your information with the HIA ASAP.
  21. If a member moves out from Halton region/Waterdown and wants to keep his/her membership, HIA will still provide the full financial coverage as long as a proof of death is provided. The coverage area will be within the province of Ontario. 
  22. In case of a death of a member, HIA will inform the members by email and whats app message about the Salatul Janazah’s location, date and time.
  23. All the contributions towards the funeral expenses paid by the members are tax deductible and HIA will issue you a tax receipt each year.
  24. HIA highly recommends writing your Will for the easy transfer of your property to your loved ones so that your family is given full access to your assets after your death.
  25. In case of addition of any new member, please inform HIA and update the family member’s information.
  26. HIA will make a separate WhatsApp group for fast communication.
  27. If the deceased made contributions to the Canada pension plan, make sure that the estate applies for $2500 CPP death benefit. If the estate receives those benefits, you may donate that money to any charitable cause for Sadaqah Jaria for the deceased.
  28. If a member does not pay his/her share, HIA will send a reminder to the member first to pay his/her share however, if he/she fails to do so then HIA has a right to revoke his/her membership.

For further questions, please contact the HIA Funeral Services.

Sarfraz Khan
Chair – Funeral Services
Cell: 647.704.3464
Email: [email protected]